By Christine Castro, VP of Global Marketing
April 28, 2022


I consider myself somewhat of a digital nomad. I say somewhat, because I do have children, a dog, a home, the typical responsibilities that keep me tethered a bit to my home base of Boston. But as someone who has worked remote, or mostly remote, since 2003, the COVID workplace shutdowns didn’t have the same abrupt and jarring change for me, since where I “went” to work didn't change as it did for so many millions in March of 2020.

I continued working from my living room, with the biggest change being the addition of my daughter to my work space, as she was suddenly a remote student as well. But as countries gradually began to reopen in June and July of 2020, “work from home” morphed into “work from anywhere there’s Wi-Fi”.

Stints in places like Puerto Rico, Costa Rica, Turks & Caicos, Dubai, and Peru soon followed, with no break in work for me, or break in school for my daughter. The experiences have been amazing; truly opportunities we never could have had with a traditional office/school setting.

As the weeks, then months, and now years of remote and/or hybrid work has continued, employees and employers alike have embraced the paradigm shift, with 25% of the pre-2020 workforce slated to never return to the office, even in a hybrid format.1 And a solid 62% of employees are operating under a hybrid work policy, with those numbers expected to continue to rise as workers optimize their work/life balance2.

However, the work from anywhere shift has opened up a massive gap in the employer’s ability to keep critical company infrastructure safe from breaches. DuskRise fills the remote network security gap.

The DuskRise solution provides cybersecurity protection via a hardware device connected to the remote network, accessed by a mobile app, fueled by threat intel funneled through the DuskRise Cloud, with visibility into attempted breaches monitored through an admin dashboard. Not only are corporate files, including cloud and internet assets, protected, but ALL devices connected to the network are protected as well. This is an added benefit for employees, as an average home has a whopping FIFTY internet-connected devices. (Someone please let me know why my fridge needs to be connected!)

I just wrapped my first month at DuskRise this week. I had been considering new opportunities to lead marketing orgs in the cybersecurity space, and a priority for me going into a new leadership was a company and solution that filled a mission-critical function, something truly need-to-have, vs. nice-to-have. Given DuskRise's unique — category-building — space within the ecosystem, coupled with my love of travel, I was immediately intrigued by the opportunity to come on board as the VP of Global Marketing. 

I’m currently tapping out this blog post on my phone –– my daughter beside me, it's spring break for her –– from the deck of a catamaran that's dodging and weaving though the hundreds of tiny islands that dot the Andaman Sea off the coast of Phuket, Thailand, including world-famous James Bond Island. Work from anywhere, indeed!

Now tell me, #WhereDoYouDuskRise?



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