By Valeriya Barybina
October 21, 2022

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How Dogma, DuskRise's edge security platform, differs from VPN solutions and why it is important to fill the remote network security gap.

At a first glance, it might look like Dogma and VPN solutions are overlapping or competing with one another, but they are complementary and cover different layers of security. 

What Is a VPN?

A virtual private network (VPN) is a service that secures your Internet connection and ensures the integrity of your digital privacy. VPN solutions are widely adopted by users who often use public Wi-Fi hotspots and want to level up their privacy game. Think of it as an encrypted tunnel that data travels through in order to protect the user's digital identity and IP address. Essentially, whenever you are connected to a VPN, your browsing traffic gets encrypted preventing any third party from tracking your actions online. A few more reasons for VPN use include :

  • Securing your connection when using public Wi-Fi
  • Accessing home country content while traveling
  • Hiding browsing history, messages, and other private data to stay safe online
  • Protecting yourself from DDoS attacks and bandwidth throttling when gaming online

What Is DuskRise's Far Edge Solution?

With the boom of the flexible workplace approach, enterprise security teams found themselves facing three major issues: the invisibility of the off-premises networks, an increased attack surface, and a higher risk of IT breaches. This has created a fundamental gap in companies’ ability to secure their remote workforce and the extended corporate network perimeter.

The current approach to this problem from the corporate security standpoint is the use of endpoint detection and response (EDR) and virtual private networks (VPN). However, endpoint detection can be bypassed or nullified, while VPN can be compromised, granting unauthorized parties access to sensitive information and corporate assets. Untrusted networks are also making lateral movement attacks easier to execute without being detected by the SOC staff.

To improve the existing approach, DuskRise extends corporate network security policy and controls to untrusted networks through the use of mobile hardware access points with edge computing capabilities. With a defense-in-depth approach, these access points add key security features to cover the new attack perimeter.

The DuskRise solution creates a secure enclave inside any network to limit the ease at which attackers can access remote workers’ devices. In the event an attacker attempts to gain access to the corporate network, the connection from an unknown device will be blocked, preventing further access. Finally, the IoT hardware device also performs connection inspections, securing remote workers’ devices in situations where endpoint security might be compromised.

The DuskRise network edge security platform, Dogma, gives organizations an additional layer of protection with seamless integration into the existing security stack, helping minimize the risk of lateral movement attacks and enabling policy extention to remote endpoints.

How Can Dogma Amplify VPN Security? 

Since the beginning of the pandemic, global organizations have sanctioned the use of VPN to establish a protected network connection for employees that are working remotely. VPN encrypts user internet traffic in real-time to make it more difficult for threat actors to track activities online and steal data. A good VPN should combine:

  • IP address encryption
  • Protocol encryption
  • Kill switch
  • Two-factor authentication

DuskRise adds four significant advantages to VPN deployment:

  • Private network segmentation - DuskRise uses Wi-Fi segregation to create a secure enclave and prevent lateral movement attacks, providing a protected channel for access to corporate assets. 
  • Network policy implementation - The solution enables the enforcement of corporate network security policy and allows for the configuration, control, and management of affiliated remote networks. 
  • Network-based threat detection - Cyber threats are mitigated through effective connection inspection, as well as control and prevention filters, delivered by Cluster25, DuskRise’s Advanced Threat Research team. 
  • Cyber threat landscape insights - Tailor-built for the end-user, the DuskRise app provides visibility of any blocked navigation and useful information about APTs, attack types, and more to increase security awareness. 

This way, through the adoption of the DuskRise solution, organizations enable their remote workers with a secure connection to company assets and empower them with cybersecurity awareness tips to minimize the risk of insider threats due to negligence.

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How Does Dogma Operate? 


The corporate network perimeter has been extended into untrusted networks, redefining the enterprise edge. Employees working from home are using these networks to access sensitive company assets, putting organizations at risk of lateral movement attacks. The DuskRise solution enables corporate security and segmentation policy management, extending office-grade protection to remote assets and users. 

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